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Taking place in Hanoi from 24 to 29 August 2014, Global Partnership of Asian Colleges 2014 (GPAC 2014) will bring hectic days to students with dynamic and enjoyable activities.
GPAC 2014 - a students’ forum
Every year, outstanding students from leading Asian colleges join the annual international convention to discuss ideas and present complex and significant issues pertaining to the world economy. The convention has been held annually for over 20 years, each time in a different country. In this year, the host of GPAC 2014 is University of Economics and Business - VNU. The theme of GPAC 2010 panel discussion is “Sustainable Development in Asia: Economics growth and Environment management”.The participating students and professors who originate from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, and Vietnam will share the idea about the subject of forum. Main topics which students focus included:
  • Environmental Economics
  • International finance
  • Investment and international commerce
  • General labor economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Business Administration

Following the theme, more than 150 researchers, professors and international students from leading Asian colleges will participate in sections to discuss about practical solutions to solve the problems related to sustainable economy and environmental protection. Participating the program, students will have an opportunity to improve thinking skills and express their leadership ability. On the other hand, they will understand the roles and responsibilities of themselves for the sustainable development of the national.
The organizers hope that GPAC 2014 will promote research and exchange knowledge among young Vietnamese students and international students.
GPAC 2014 - the meeting point of cultures and promotion the image of Vietnam to international friends
Beside the discussion of economic issues, GPAC 2014 is also an opportunity for Vietnam students to interact with international students from Korea, Japan and China. It will be the way to spread the image and people of Vietnam to international friends and tighten international friendship with other universities in Asia.
With a variety of exchanging programs, cultural experiences, UEB students introduce Vietnamese culture to international friends by experiencing the eco-tourism programs and special cultural exploring only in Vietnam - Timeless Charm. In addition, at GPAC 2014, you will experience educational programs in an international environment within Vietnam with a series of events, the attractive programs.
Schedule of GPAC 2014:
The program is taking place six days from 24/08/2014 to 29/08/2014, with the number of about 150-180 people, including more than 100 students and lecturers in the country with approximately 80 students and foreign lecturers. University of Economics and Business is honored to be the host for GPAC 2014, which is scheduled to have the following activities:

  • Day 1 (8/24/2014): Welcome
  • Day 2 (8/25/2014): Visit and group activities
  • Day 3 (8/26/2014): Forums - Research Report
  • Day 4 (8/27/2014): Forums - research report and debate
  • Day 5 (8/28/2014): Visiting Vietnam landscapes
  • Day 6 (8/29/2014): Farewell
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